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The best thing about the Animal Planet mermaid documentary was that my dad believed it.  My dad literally called me one day telling me about a documentary with some very compelling footage about mermaids.

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There’s some censorship bullshit going down at the SGA debates.




Seriously, it kills me when I see people hold scientists up as pinnacles of logic and reason.

Because one time the professor I was interning for got punched in the face by another professor, because mine got the funding, and told the other professor his theory was stupid.

This same professor told me to throw rocks to scare the “stupid fucking crabs” into moving so we could count them properly.


thank you

this is one of the best comments this post has recieved

oh my god this

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Swear to god, some guys are terrified that girls are faking common interests to impress them and act really hostile towards anyone they even SUSPECT of doing such a thing

but then they turn around and fake a whole friendship in the hopes of getting sex out of girls, and get mad at them when it doesn’t work

and they super do not see the irony in that

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i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

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i was so drunk and harry potter was on tv and i was mastrbating and dobby died and i was crying as i masturbated it was a disaster

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we are like young sharknados

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Anonymous asked: how deep is ur pussy hole



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thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

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